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We have moved!!!

New Address:

We are excited and pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Mulvane High School Athletics ( This new website will be the central hub for all of Mulvane High School Athletics and the current websites will be discontinued. The URLs will still be active, but they will forward you to the new website.

Please take some time to browse the new website. We are finishing up some minor details but most of the website is functional.

All the data from the old sites has been (or will be) transferred over to this new site and we have a few new features as well. One feature we are excited about is where MHS students can write articles for all the different sporting events. (currently there are just dummy articles on the site, until the seasons start)

My target date for discontinuing the old websites is Aug 31st, which at that time the old sites will automatically forward you to

Latest Announcement
Posted On:
We are looking for a volunteer or two to run in-game stats on Friday nights. If you are interested please contact Coach Fennewald or Coach Fox for the details.

Kasey McDowell